Intelligent, Committed and Cost Effective

Ensuring animal welfare, achieving AAALAC International accreditation, maintaining regulatory compliance, and protecting research integrity are but a few of the critical responsibilities with which our clients entrust our people. As budgetary considerations are ever-present, the ability to achieve these outcomes intelligently, efficiently, and economically is increasingly important. FEFA’s commitment is to provide our clients with competent, committed, and credentialed laboratory animal science professionals who deliver a cost effective service that is of exceptional quality.

FEFA’s consulting expertise is available as a stand-alone capability, but also functions collaboratively with our personnel services. Veterinary care, operational management, vivarium design, construction, and renovation, as well as selection and installation of capital equipment are but a few of the consulting services we provide, which are delivered by industry experts. The collaboration between our personnel and consulting services ensures that our clients benefit from best practices and the latest industry innovations, allowing for opportunities to achieve programmatic improvements, enhanced efficiencies, and cost savings.


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