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Neil Grove, BA, CMAR, RLATg, ILAM

is an AAALAC ad hoc consultant with eighteen years of experience in large, diverse, and dynamic animal care programs in both federal and academic settings. From all aspects of animal care, to caging systems, to environmental monitoring capabilities, to a wide range of cage processing equipment, Mr. Grove is well versed and experienced in all facets of operational management. He has also participated in the design, construction, and commissioning of several new and renovated facilities. Mr. Grove is a corporate Program Manager with FEFA, and provides operational support to onsite contract management personnel, and acts as a liaison and consultant to program clients.

Bradley Fisher, AA, CMAR, LATG

has nearly 25 years of experience in the management and oversight of animal care operations in both federal and academic settings. Mr. Fisher has held ultimate operational oversight responsibility for as many as 400 animal care and research support personnel working simultaneously across more than 20 animal facilities. Mr. Fisher has extensive experience in managing operations utilizing a wide range of laboratory animal species, often involved in complex studies with numerous occupational health and study considerations. Mr. Fisher has a depth of expertise in effective biocontainment, having authored and co-authored numerous publications relating to animal care at ABSL 1-3. In addition to his experience in operational management, Mr. Fisher has ten years of experience serving on IACUCs, further enhancing his expertise in the regulatory and accreditation arenas. Mr. Fisher also has experience in the design and construction of vivarium space, highlighted by his selection for the TurnKey Facility Leader of the Year Award in 2009. Mr. Fisher is a Program Director with FEFA, providing oversight of FEFA animal care projects, and acting as a liaison and consultant to program clients.

Erika Hayes, MS, RLATg, ILAM

has sixteen years of experience in lab animal science, including nine years of experience in operational oversight at an NIH facility, which houses 18,000 rodent cages. Ms. Hayes also has extensive experience in rodent breeding and colony management. Ms. Hayes holds a MS in Animal Health Science, and also spent five years working in research labs on a multitude of projects, including published work. Whether working on projects involving animal exposure to chemical agents or infectious diseases, Ms. Hayes brings the unique perspective of both researcher and operations manager.

Kim Faunce, AA, LATG

has more than 18 years of animal care experience working with large, small, and exotic animals in both private practice and in biomedical research. Kim is RLATG certified and has completed the Institute of Laboratory Animal Management; ILAM program. She is actively involved in both local and national AALAS. Kim has supported NIH as a trainer serving multiple LARC projects, as well, as providing support as a surgery technician and an ICU veterinary technician. She has experience providing facility quality control inspections and implementing training strategies to enhance employee job performance, abilities, and understanding. Kim is well versed on cagewash, animal husbandry, technical procedures, and the AALAS certification preparation for ALAT, LAT and LATG testing. Kim is a Corporate Training Manager with FEFA, providing oversight and training for the FEFA training program.

Diane B. Forsythe, DVM, DACLAM

is board-certified through the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM), and holds a DVM from Cornell University. She has extensive experience directing complex multispecies animal research programs, supporting a wide variety of medical and surgical research, interfacing with scientific investigators, serving on Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees, and managing a diverse workforce. Dr. Forsythe has 25 years of veterinary experience with the National Institutes of Health, including 21 years as an Animal Program Director and Attending Veterinarian. She served as an AAALAC International ad hoc consultant and specialist for more than 27 years, conducting site visits of biomedical research programs in the United States and Canada. Dr. Forsythe is a corporate Veterinary Program Specialist with FEFA, focusing on a wide range of veterinary, regulatory, and programmatic oversight topics.

Jim Burris, MS

is an aquaculture expert with over 14 years of experience, including a decade of experience managing one of the largest biomedical aquaculture facilities in the world. He received a BS in marine biology from Waynesburg University and a Masters in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Florida.  He is a certified Aquaculture and Fish Health Specialist and former President of the Zebrafish Husbandry Association.  He has worked on various professional committees for academic institutions, AALAS, NIH ORIP, and ZHA to develop training material and policies to advance standards for using zebrafish as a research model.  Mr. Burris is a consultant for FEFA on the care and use of aquatic species in research.

Scott Alderman, MS, CBSPS

has worked in the field of occupational safety for the past 24 years, including 13 years as a Laboratory Safety Program Manager. Mr. Alderman has been a member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) for more than 20 years, was elected to serve on its Council from 2013-2015, appointed to its Ebola Task Force in 2014, and is recognized as a Certified Biological Safety Professional (CBSP). Mr. Alderman has been published on numerous occasions in ABSA periodicals (Applied Biosafety) and text (Anthology of Biosafety: Managing Challenges for Safer Operations of BSL-3/ABSL-3 Containment). Mr. Alderman has presented lectures at numerous biosafety conferences across the country on topics relating to biosafety and the design and operation of biocontainment facilities and equipment.

Lynn Murray, MS

is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, with more than 30 years of experience in animal health, including experience in vivarium operational management. Using a proven consulting methodology that she developed through extensive domestic and international industry experience over the past 30 years, combined with Lean Six Sigma expertise, Ms. Murray has a track record of significantly reducing operational costs, accelerating speed, and improving quality. Ms. Murray serves as an operational efficiency consultant for FEFA.


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